A few favorite blogs ..

Celiac and the Beast
Willow Bird Baking
Gluten Free Girl and the Chef
Gluten Hates Me
Food Wanderings
Parents Need to Eat Too
White on Rice Couple
A Thought for Food
100 Days of Real Food
Former Chef
Eating Rules
A Spicy Perspective
Monica Bhide – A Life of Spice
Joanne – Eats Well With Others
Kelly Bakes

A few favorite books …

Anything by Michael Pollan – Food Rules, The Botany of Desire, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Second Nature

Most anything by Michael Ruhlman– Ruhlman’s Twenty, Ratio

In the Green Kitchen – Alice Waters– This is the simplest and most informative cookbook I have ever read. If you don’t own cookbooks, you should own this one. I love to give this as a gift!

The Dirty Life – A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love by Kristin Kimball

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle –Barbara Kingsolver

Fed Up With Lunch – For a year, one woman blogged about her school lunch every day at a public school in Chicago … then she wrote a book.

If you have an hour or two to watch a movie…

A Place at the Table – A documentary about the surging problem of food insecurity in our country

Fresh – An awesome, uplifting documentary about all the good things going on to make our food better and safer

Forks Over Knives – An important discussion about the benefits of a plant-based diet

Two Angry Moms – Two moms battle a large school district and attempt school lunch reform

Food, Inc. – If you have never seen Food, Inc., it’s never too late…

Cafeteria Man – A documentary about changing the public school food system in Baltimore (2013)

Grown in Detroit – A documentary from 2009

Fed Up – A Documentary – Changing the Way America Eats (2013)

I try to keep my Pinterest site updated with my current favorite books and movies so check that out occasionally…

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