Key Lime Martini

So this is my first drink posting … believe it or not, I had never had key lime pie until about a week ago. For some reason it just never appealed to me! However, this summer my mother-in-law left me a copy of Southern Living magazine as a housewarming present to honor my big move to North Carolina. I skimmed over everything but the recipes. A recipe that caught my eye was one for Key Lime Pie. As soon as I saw that the major ingredient in Key Lime Pie was sweetened condensed milk – canned food of the gods! – I knew I had to try it. (I will post that recipe later.!)

I set about making a Key Lime Pie for an upcoming in-law visit and when my MIL got here she said that a Key Lime Pie would probably taste great with a Key Lime Martini. Who was I to say NO?

I will honestly tell you that I never make mixed drinks any fancier than a margarita. That is the extent of my bartender skills so this martini experience was a learning one for me.

The first thing that I learned … a jigger (the little silver pourer for measuring alcohol) has 2 sides … the smaller side is 1 oz. and the larger side is 1 1/2 oz. – for this drink you will use both sides of the jigger.

You will need …

Vanilla Vodka (we used Stoli)
Pineapple Juice
Crushed graham crackers (we used teddy grahams)

1. Prepare the glass. Cut the limes into slices. Rim the glass with the juice from a lime and then roll the lip of the glass in the crushed graham crackers.

2. Prepare the drink. If you are a novice, like me, you will measure everything… In a drink shaker measure 1 1/2 oz. Stoli Vanilla, 1 oz. midori, 1 1 /2 oz. pineapple juice, and 1 1/2 oz. cream with a pinch of sugar over ice cubes. (Basically the midori is the only ingredient you measure in the small side.) Shake.

3. Pour the drink into the prepared glass. Add the lime. Enjoy!

My unsolicited advice … limit yourself to no more than 2 of these fabulous things. They taste very non-alcoholic … consider yourself warned! Cheers!

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