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Montauk: The New England Road Trip You Need Right Now

Montauk. The End.
Friends, this post might only apply to my New England peeps, but maybe that’s all the audience it needs. Don’t get me wrong, I love my quick summer trips to the Vineyard and Nantucket, but this Montauk adventure wowed me.  As soon as I was on the ferry and heading home, I knew I would be planning a return trip for next summer. 

Montauk Sign at the Visitor Center
Montauk Visitor Center Welcome Sign

Montauk – also known as The End – because, well, it is literally at the very end of Long Island – only requires a quick drive (or Amtrak ride) from Boston and one ferry ride to get to one unforgettable (almost New England) destination.

Montauk is part of the Hamptons – technically East Hampton – but has been historically known as the more chill, laidback section of the Hamptons popular for its surfable waves, multiple state parks, and prolific saltwater fishing. If you are looking for a destination for your family, a girls’ weekend, or a couples’ retreat, Montauk fits the bill.

Frose on the beach in Montauk
Frose on the beach at Gurney’s Resort

How To Get To Montauk From New England
Starting in mid-May and lasting until early October, the Viking Fast Ferry travels directly from New London, Connecticut to Montauk and Montauk to New London on Fridays and Sundays, adding ferry service on Thursdays for July and August. Who knew those of us without access to a private jet could get to the Hamptons from Boston in less than three hours? What a gift! There is parking across the street from the ferry terminal and the Amtrak station is even closer. Grab a quick bite to eat in New London and then sit back and relax on your hour and fifteen minute ferry ride across Block Island Sound.

Where To Stay in Montauk
If you’ve ever stayed down the Cape during the summer, you are probably familiar with the two-story motels that dot the landscape. The Montauk beach vibe is very similar. There are one or two resorts in the area – most well-known is probably Gurney’s, but for the most part you will find cute beachy motels on and off the water. We were intent on staying directly on the water and found availability at the Montauk Blue Hotel. We were rewarded with the rhythmic sounds of waves crashing outside our sliding glass doors day and night. We initially planned our trip to spend three nights in Montauk and then head to visit friends but we weren’t ready to leave and stayed a little longer.

Montauk Beach Views From Montauk Blue Hotel
Beach Views From Our Balcony At The Montauk Blue Hotel

What To Eat And Drink In Montauk
The Hamptons are known for amazing restaurants and a fun bar scene and Montauk is no exception. We did a little pre-travel research and had a list of places we wanted to visit and we loved all of them. During the day, the vibe at most restaurants and bars is very casual. We arrived at lunch or drinks more than once via beach bike. We rented our beach bikes from Montauk Surf and would do that again in a heartbeat. It was such a great way to get around.

Montauk beach
Can’t get enough of these Montauk Beach views from our balcony

What To Do In Montauk
You can do as much or as little as you want to do when you are visiting Montauk. We tend to be on the more active side when we travel, so I knew I wanted to bike and play golf in addition to spending some time at the beach.

me standing at the top of the Montauk lighthouse
Views From Montauk Lighthouse!

Montauk Downs State Park is home to one of the best public golf courses in the country. It was beautiful! We loved it so much, we played it twice. We rented bikes for the day and attempted to bike to Montauk Lighthouse. Don’t bike it. We turned around and hit a restaurant for an afternoon cocktail at Gurney’s instead and decided to Uber to the lighthouse on another day. Gurney’s, by the way, is absolutely beautiful and I plan to come back here in the off-season for a visit.

Montauk Downs State Park
Montauk Downs State Park – Beautiful public golf course! So much nature.

Montauk Point State Park includes the beach and paths below the lighthouse so exploring the state park and climbing the lighthouse is a great morning or afternoon adventure. The state park covers over 800 acres. George’s Lighthouse Cafe serves lunch and has a full bar so, after climbing the lighthouse and enjoying the view, sit on the deck and enjoy a frozen margarita and a small snack.

Montauk Lighthouse Views
Montauk Lighthouse Views

If you want to do nothing other than eat delicious food and hang out on the beach, Montauk is for you, too. We enjoyed quality beach time watching the surfers and playing in the waves.

Here are the spots we hit during our four night Montauk adventure!
I highly recommend every one of them. Our only regret was that we didn’t have time to eat and drink more.

Montauk gluten free pizza
Gluten free pizza – a quick walk from our hotel. Delicious!

Dinner: Duryea, South Edison, Mavericks

Breakfast: Bird on the Roof, The Montauk Bake Shoppe

Coffee: Left Hand Coffee, Hampton Coffee Company

Drinks: Salivar’s, Mavericks, 668 The Gigshack, The Beach Club at Gurney’s, Sel Rrose

Swanky Gold Leaf Dessert At Mavericks
Swanky Dessert With Some Gold Leaf at Mavericks

Movies And Shows To Get You In The Montauk Spirit: 

No Hard Feelings (2022)

The Affair (2014-2019)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

If you are looking for something different than your normal road trip north to the mountains or south to the Cape, check out Montauk. If you have been to Montauk, what do we need to do on our next trip? 

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