Ham and Cheese Quesadillas

Another night of tennis practice, another make-ahead meal… ham and cheese quesadillas! Sometimes I think a recipe is too simple to actually be called a recipe and I hesitate to post it. However, can anything ever be “too easy?” The easier the better … right?

You can’t get much easier than this. Corn tortillas, muenster cheese, sliced deli ham. (We are partial to Boar’s Head deli meats from our local Harris Teeter – no extra colors, fillers, etc. and gluten free!) Layer a slice of cheese and a piece of ham in between two corn tortillas. Lightly spray a pan with olive oil or melt a little butter in it. Once the pan is hot, cook the quesadillas for a few minutes each side.

Set aside – serve warm or cold. We ate ours at room temperature after tennis served with leftover beans and rice from last night’s dinner and some sliced apples. Easy peasy. Enjoy!

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