gluten-free bagels beside lox

Easy Bagel Bar Ideas For Brunch

Have you been looking for something new to do for brunch? How about some easy bagel bar ideas?
gluten-free bagels beside lox
Bagel Bar Heaven with Homemade Gluten-Free Bagels
Did anyone else have a different kind of holiday season this year? Instead of planning different menus for weeks, I really only had to plan for my immediate family. It was a little sad, but I tried to embrace the simplicity and try new things – like a homemade bagel bar!
bagels with lox and toppings
Two Ingredient GF Bagels With ALL THE TOPPINGS
For this Christmas and New Year’s Day, we went for a traditional Irish Catholic bagel and lox spread for our Quarantine Holidays. It was so delicious and I am now on a huge bagel bar brunch kick.
bagel bar food items
Let’s Eat!!
Honestly, this brunch was so delicious for Christmas morning, I did it again for New Year’s. When we can have friends over again, add a Bloody Mary bar and call it a day. This time, I had some homemade Bailey’s for myself and that definitely satisfied!
bagels and bagel bar
Two Ingredient Bagels Are The Star of the Bagel Bar
I made gluten-free two ingredient bagels for the bagel portion of the bagel bar. My mom gifted me homemade everything bagel seasoning for Christmas so we used that for our bagels. Delicious.
For the bagel toppings, we had smoked salmon – two different kinds – basically, whatever the Whole Foods shopper could find for me on the morning of December 24th. Beggars cannot be choosers. We also had capers, thinly sliced red onions, lemons, Persian cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, and plain cream cheese.
Two ingredient gluten free bagels in a dish
I also made gluten-free and regular pancakes and one oven baked tray of thick sliced Nueske’s bacon. 🥓 Yum. Next time I meet even include some homemade chocolate chip cream cheese. No rules!
Baked bacon
Baked Bacon Will Change Your Life
Seven people. No leftovers. I was hoping this could be the only meal of the day, but the little people are clamoring for dinner, too. I feel like they should be able to survive off the joy of their gifts from Santa, but they were not vibing with that.
bagel bar ideas
Deliciousness! Easy Bagel Bar Ideas For Brunch
Tell me about your favorite bagel bar ideas! We will definitely be doing this more often.

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