Slushy Strawberry Frose

Slushy Strawberry Frose

Earlier in the summer, my friend dropped off a bottle of gin to help me make a Sparkling Gin Basil Lemonade and said that she would be back the next night to taste test a slushy strawberry frosé with me. Frosé? Pronounced FRO-ZAY. I was intrigued. And, yes, I do have friends that drop off bottles of booze on the reg. I am loved. Or enabled. 😉

Slushy Strawberry Frose
Slushy Strawberry Frose

Alas, the stars did not align to do a frosé experiment the next night. We both have babies. Babies being the reason why we both need frosé and yet cannot get it together to actually enjoy some frosé together. My curiosity would have to wait.

As the end of summer approached and I still had not yet had any frosé, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started googling it. Frosé is everywhere! I think it even has its own Instagram hashtag. I was so out of the loop.

I saw some people hand shaving ice for their frosé. Heck no to that. Cocktails at Camp Brighton need to be quick. No shaving ice happening here. I decided it couldn’t really be that hard. Rosé – in slushy form. Like a big, refreshing 7-eleven slurpee for adults, right?

Rosé, frozen strawberries, sugar, and fresh lime juice.

I decided on these ingredients because they were what I had in the house.

Combine in a blender. Done!

This slushy strawberry frosé was so good, I made it on a whim for a dinner party and then I even made them again for my back-to-school brunch a couple of days later – it was a big hit!

You need this cocktail in your life. Call up some friends, get out your blender! Enjoy!

Slushy Strawberry Frose
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Slushy Strawberry Frosé

With a bottle of rose, some frozen strawberries and freshly squeezed lime juice, you can make this delicious cocktail in minutes!
Course Cocktails
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 6 servings
Author Erin Brighton


  • 1 bottle rosé
  • 16 oz frozen strawberries
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • 1/2 c sugar


  1. Combine ingredients in a blender. Blend. Serve immediately.

Slushy Strawberry Frose

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Erin Brighton

I am a native New Englander now living in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina and enjoying summers in sea-breezy Scituate, Massachusetts with my five small kids and two large dogs. I love to cook easy, local, and gluten-free for friends and family.

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