blood orange margarita

Fizzy Blood Orange Margarita

Happy Taco Tuesday, Friends! I made myself a fizzy blood orange margarita to enjoy with our tacos for dinner. I drank half of it and saved the other half for Zoom bookclub – welcome to quarantine life, right? 🤣

blood orange margarita
Fizzy! Love adding seltzer!

This is super simple! It looks large, but that’s because I filled it halfway with lime seltzer! I need a drink that’s basically half as potent as a regular drink. I want something refreshing with a little kick, but not something that will give me a headache in the morning.

blood orange margarita
Cheers! Lots of seltzer … a little tequila

I am not a big fan of the mommy wine culture – life is so hard, my kids are so draining, I need wine. Ugh. It’s demeaning to kids and moms. If you like wine, drink wine! If you like tequila, make a margarita! But let’s not say it’s because our lives are tough and we need an outlet. Ok. Rant over. 😉 

blood orange margarita
Blood Orange Margarita … Happy Summer!
Got Citrus? 

If you have tequila and fruit in your house – or fruit juice – you can make a margarita. While we have been stuck home for 54 days – not that we are counting – I have been trying to keep stocked up on fruit. These kids want to eat all. the. time.

Blood Orange + Lime

I had one blood orange and decided to commandeer it for my margarita – mainly because I knew it would look gorgeous. I also had a few limes on hand so the juice from one blood orange plus the juice from one lime would make the perfect margarita! All you need is some tequila and triple sec, if you have it.

blood orange margarita
Blood Orange Margarita

Fizzy Blood Orange Margarita Recipe
Juice of one blood orange
Juice of one lime
1/2 oz triple sec
1 oz tequila

Shake these four ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker.

Pour into a salt-rimmed glass. To rim my glass with salt, I take a squeezed piece of lime and run it around the outside of the glass, and then I put kosher salt in a dish and twist the top of the glass in the salt. Super simple. I love a salted rim!

Fill the rest of the glass with lime or citrus seltzer. That’s all it takes! Refreshing!

Some other favorite drinks … 

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blood orange margarita
Fizzy! Refreshing!

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