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How To Make A Reindeer Cake {Video}

Even if you don’t have a family member with a December birthday, you need to know how to make a reindeer cake. My younger daughter wanted a reindeer cake last year and my older daughter happily obliged. How cute is this birthday cake??!! If my 13 year old can make this cake, so can you.

Happy 11th Birthday! Why not a cute reindeer cake?
Making the Cake 

We started with a traditional layered cake – chocolate! – and made a mocha buttercream frosting for the outside, but green and white frosting for the inside – just to get in the holiday spirit. Delicious.

Green and White Frosting Layers

We stacked our gluten-free chocolate cake layers and then frosted the outside with mocha buttercream.

Five layers of gluten-free chocolate cake goodness
Hard at work … decorating cakes is serious business

We separated out some of the buttercream frosting to tint red and green for the reindeer decorations – mainly piped flowers and her big red nose!

Making Chocolate Reindeer Antlers

For the eyelashes and the reindeer antlers, we melted chocolate disks and then created our chocolate pieces and let them harden. Watch the quick video below to see how she printed out the outline she wanted to follow and then slid that under parchment paper to help guide her as she made the correct shapes. We used long thin sticks so that the antlers could be secured into the cake when the chocolate hardened.

Chocolate reindeer antlers hardening

This cake looks so cute, but it’s definitely easy enough to make at home!

Sweet sisters! Happy Birthday!
Deliciousness inside and out!
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How To Make A Reindeer Cake!

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