How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes {Video}

Unicorns are all the rage these days, so if you were wondering how to make easy unicorn cupcakes, pull up a chair. Super easy. Really cute. This super short video shows you how REALLY, REALLY easy it is to make these cupcakes.

How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes
How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes
How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

My daughter’s friend recently had a birthday and Julia wanted to surprise her with something fun at lunchtime. Middle school. Unicorn cupcakes. Winning!

How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes
How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

First, she started by making a batch of gluten-free chocolate cupcakes. From a box. Save your energy for the decorating. We used the cutest cupcake liners we could find in the pantry – no late-night trips to the store for this project. (Do you have a favorite gluten-free cake mix? Our fave is definitely King Arthur Chocolate. YUM.)

How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes
Two colored frosting!!! Yep.
Frosting Is Important!

After she baked her cupcakes, we focused on the frosting. If you are going to make unicorn cupcakes, you need to start with fun frosting. And that fun frosting can’t just be one color … if you have ever wanted to experiment with using two colors of frosting at once, now is your chance. It’s really easy. No fancy equipment required.

How To Frost Cupcakes With Two Colors of Icing

Start with two icing bags filled with different colored frosting. Snip off the tips of each bag and then slide them into a separate (empty) icing bag … you probably don’t need a bigger decorator bag unless you are trying to do three colors of frosting. The video shows this easy trick in action!

How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes
Make Two Colored Frosting!

It’s really that easy. After the two colors of frosting are in one new bag, you will frost your cupcakes as you normally would, except now two colors will come out at the same time!! Mind. Blown.

Unicorn cupcakes in progress
Cute cupcakes ready for decorations
How To Make Unicorn Ears and Horns

For the cute ears and unicorn horn, you will need fondant. You can buy white and pink fondant or just buy white fondant and dye some of it pink – that’s what we did.

These decorations are pretty simple but look super cute!

To make the unicorn horns, roll one piece of fondant into two short strings and then twist them into the shape of a horn (see it in the video). For the ears, cut out white ears and then slightly smaller pink ears and layer them on top of one another. Remember that fondant will get hard if you let it sit out, so keep it covered while you are working on all these little components.

decorating unicorn cupcakes
Adding cute fondant decorations

Don’t be scared. Grab your favorite middle schooler and make these easy unicorn cupcakes!

How To Make Easy Unicorn Cupcakes
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